SITELCO started as a Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Public Call Office in Miagao, Iloilo in1987. It was registered as a corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 7, 1992.  Its Municipal and Provincial Franchise for 50 years was granted in 1993.  On February 28, 1998, the House of Representatives granted it with a Congressional Franchise for 25 years under Republic Act No. 8577.

The late patriarch Lorenzo M. Frantilla Sr. was Founding President until his death in February, 2003.  Thereafter, up to today, his wife, Rosalinda Frantilla (now Rosalinda Villavicencio) took over as Company President.  She and her four (4) children compose the Board of Directors.  The Company has 18 regular employees and 4 others including a technical and management consultant.

From a Public Call Office which facilitated long distance calls for PLDT, SITELCO  grew into a local telephone company, serving the telephone needs of 4 municipalities with a total population of almost 200,000, out of the 6 municipalities covered by its Congressional Franchise. In 2006, it started to offer internet services.  It currently has about 2,300 telephone subscribers, including most of the Local Government Units, schools and other major establishments in the area, about 50% of which have DSL or Internet connection. 

The Company‚Äôs Main Office is at the family-owned property at Quezon Street, Miagao, Iloilo.  The one-storey office building also houses the main communications equipment.  SITELCO maintains owned offices at its sub-exchanges in Guimbal and Igbaras, and rents a building for its San Joaquin sub-exchange. The serviced areas are within the 15-kilometer radius from the Main Office.

PLDT is the Inter-Exchange Carrier that provides interconnection with other Public Telecommunication Entities.  PLDT also provides International Gateway Facility for international transmission and exchanges. 

Bandwidth for Digital Subscriber Lines or Internet is subscribed from PLDT and Bayan Telecommunications.

HICOM System has been used along with copper cables.  The backbone or main cables spanning about 27 kilometers along the national highway from Tigbauan to San Joaquin, however, are already fiber optics.


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